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Case Studies

Read here about my students and how they are learning English with me. I have a lot of students so there are a lot of case studies.

My Students

I teach all levels of students from starters, who know NO English at all, to beginners, who know some English, to intermediates and advanced.

Business English

I have a lot of experience in business and I can help you with CVs, job interviews, job applications, motivation letters, presentations, conference calls, or learning to understand your boss!

General English

If you like art, sport or travel, then we can talk – or maybe food, gardening or science – or even history and politics. Every subject is good for a conversation with me.


I also teach children to speak English. Children can start learning with me from the age of seven, even if they do not know any English at all.

Where do your students come from?

I work in Saska Kępa which is in the centre of the city and very well connected to the Warsaw public transport network. This makes it easy for my students to get to my lessons.

My students come from all over Warsaw. Of course, many of my students live or work in Saska Kepa and so they are only a few minutes walk away.

However, I have many students from Praga Południe and Praga Północ, from Grochów, Gocław, Wawer, Białołęka, Tarchomin, Targówek, Anin and Międzylesie.

Many students live in Wesoła, Sulejowek, Radość, Jozefów and Otwock. Many students work or live in Centrum, Powiśle, Środmieście, Ochota, Mokotów, Żoliborz, Bielany, Bemowo, Ursus, Ursynów, Wilanów and Włochy. Some students live even further away, for example, Raszyn, Nadarzyn, Łłomianki, Legionowo, Konstancin, Wołomin and I even have some students from Grójec, Ozarów Mazowiecki and Pruszków!

If you are looking for an English Native Speaker and you live or work in one of these areas, then send me a message or call me today.

Contact me for help with your English!

To contact me call me on 501  100  401 or go to my contact page and send me an email or a web message. I will contact you as soon as possible, normally the same day, sometimes the next day.