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Online Lessons

What is the Goal of Online English Lessons

The goal of these lessons is to give people who want to learn to speak English better the chance to improve their English speaking over the telephone. We have a lot of experience with online lessons. Mainly, we use the telephone, but we also use Skype and Viber and some other software for online lessons. However, the telephone is simple and effective and works very well.

What Can I Learn Online?

You can learn anything online. We teach English here. In particular, we teach the following online:

•  Speaking in English

•  Writing in English

•  Reading in English

•  Listening in English

•  English Vocabulary

•  English Grammar

When Can I Learn Online?

You can learn online at any time of the day or night by yourself. Together with us, you can learn during the day from 9 am to 9 pm. We work from Monday to Friday and Saturday morning too. If necessary, you can also have a lesson on Sunday. All you need to do is book a lesson online using our reservation system and we will then call you when the time comes.

Do You User Video During Online Lessons?

In general, we do not use video during conversations. All of the online conversations are voice only. When we use the telephone, you do not need to use any sophisticated software for online conversation lessons. We use software in the office to keep track of the lessons and the topics of conversations. Students only need a telephone.

What Technology Do We Need?

You should have access to a telephone. It is generally easier to have a telephone conversation and the quality is better than Skype, Whatsapp or Viber. Also, the internet is not always reliable and this can be annoying during an online lesson. A normal telephone works well.

Do I Need a Computer to Have an Online English Lessons?

No, a computer is not necessary. Sometimes, it can be useful to use a computer for learning new vocabulary. However, since we use the telephone for most of the lessons, a computer is not necessary. This means that you can have a lesson while going for a walk in the park or during your lunch break.

What Do We Talk About?

We ask a lot of questions and give you time to answer. We make notes about the answers so that we can find out what you like to talk about and what your interests are.

How Many Lessons Can I Have?

Although, it is possible to have a lesson every day, we generally recommend once, twice or three times a week. However, this depends on your particular situation and needs. Most students have one or two lessons a week, and some have lessons three times a week. When a student is preparing for an important interview or for a special exam or event then they often have more lessons in a week, and sometimes twice a day.

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