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How does this English Native Speaker teach English?



I teach all levels, one-to-one. Children, teenagers and adults. Beginners, intermediate and advanced. I teach all of my students individually, one-to-one.

I teach my students English, one-to-one. Every student is an individual. Each student learns at his own speed. When I spend time with you, I only teach you.

Do you teach groups of students?

Yes, this is possible. If you want to have conversation lessons with your friends or colleagues in a group then it is possible.

I teach English writing, English grammar and English vocabulary in groups. Also, I organise English discussion lessons with groups of students, from two to six students. Normally, I teach English conversation one-to-one, face-to-face, individually. However, if you want to have English conversation lessons in a group then it is possible.

Who do you teach?

I teach all levels, from beginners to advanced. I teach all ages, from seven years old and younger, to teenagers, to students, to adults, and then all the way up to sixty years old and older. Most of my students are Polish, but I also teach English to people from other countries.

Comfortable Environment

The best way to learn to speak English is to be relaxed. My classroom is very comfortable. My students learn English in a relaxed atmosphere.

Scheduling your lessons

You can choose from one of three options: regular lessons at the same time and on the same day every week, flexible lessons where you choose the times and days for your lessons, intensive lessons where you can come every day if you want.

Flexible Timetable

My normal teaching hours are as follows:
9 am to 8 pm Monday to Thursday
9 am to 6 pm Friday
9 am to 2 pm Saturday

You learn English with me one-to-one. You can choose when you come to lessons. You can come to me during the day or in the evening. You can come to me from Monday to Friday and on Saturday morning. You can come on different days and at different times. You decide which day and you decide what time.

Do you teach early in the morning or at the weekend?

Yes, if necessary, I can teach you early in the morning, from 7 am on weekdays and also at the weekend, on Saturdays and even on Sundays. These lessons are out of normal teaching hours and are usually for special situations.

What about late evening lessons?

We can also have a lesson after 8 pm, right up to 11 pm. Again, these lessons are out of normal teaching hours and are usually for special situations.

Talk a Lot

You need to talk a lot of English and to listen to a lot of English. At my lessons, you will listen a lot and you will talk a lot. All the time.

Reading and Writing

I teach you how to read English well. If you want, I can also teach you how to write English well.

Can I come with my friend or partner?

No problem! Some of my students are in the same situation. Come to the first lesson to see what I do.

Yes, of course. Some of my students come with their partner or a friend. I will talk with one of you while the other one works in my library.

Flexible Lessons Plan

Many of my students are very busy people. Sometimes they travel on business. I have a flexible timetable and students can reserve fixed lessons at the same time every week or flexible lessons at a different time and on a different day every week. Missing one or two weeks is not a problem with me.

What about online lessons?

Yes, I teach online. Some of my students can't come to my school for normal conversation lessons. They have to stay at home because they are ill, or they are looking after children or another member of their family, or they are working for their companies from home. In these situations we can have an online conversation lesson.


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