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How I teach English to people who know a little English!

Basia — beginner

Basia works in a law office. She has contact with English every day at work. When she first came to me, she did not understand English and she could not speak English. Her written English was very bad. She comes to me once a week for three hours. She has been coming to lessons for nine months now. Now she can understand and read English very well. Her written English has improved. She has now started to speak English.

Piotr — beginner

Piotr is a dentist. He first came to me because he was thinking of working in England. He wanted to prepare for the interview in England. He wanted to be able to understand what people say to him. He came to me for ten lessons before he went to England for his interview.

Marek — beginner

Marek works in a bank. He is twenty-nine years old. He has been coming to lessons for over four years now. He comes to lessons once a week. He speaks English well. He understands English very well. When he speaks he is relaxed and confident. He can speak to any native speaker of English without a problem.

Lukasz – beginner

Lukasz is an engineer. He is sixty-three years old. Lukasz came to me to learn to speak and understand English. Lukasz knew how to read English (especially technical English) but he could not understand when his foreign manager spoke to him. His Polish manager told him to improve his English if he wanted to work on contract in Spain for one year. He came to me everyday for two months. We practiced speaking and listening. When he left Poland, his English was better and his confidence was higher. He was able to supervise a team of Polish workers (speaking Polish, of course) and communicate with his Irish managers in English.

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